Frequently Asked Questions 

Why choose Spray Tanning?  

Nothing gives me a CONFIDENCE BOOST like a fresh layer of tan. It brings out everything I am working hard on my body, helps reduce my acne scars and minimises my insecurities. Don't get me wrong, I have come to terms with loving my skin at every stage its in. BUT, walking outside with a fresh tan is the BEST FEELING EVER. 

I am also someone who is very prone to skin cancer and sunburn. This doesn't leave me many options. Spray Tanning is 100% safer than SunBed Tanning (pls stop doing this omg). The majority of skin cancers are caused by an increase and overload of UV exposure. This is what you're doing when you're laying in the sun or in a SunBed. It is also immensely ageing and doesn't bring out the GLOW in your skin. 


HOWEVER, there is a much safer, healthier and flawless option! In comparison to most tanning lotions and mousses, spray tans provide a more even coverage, natural looking tan. You'll never have to worry about blotchy patches or streaks! Our customisable tan leaves you with a sun-kissed look, without the damage to your skin, hair and GLOW. 

The most common reason why ladies choose to tan at home is the price. This is why we have added our Tanning Club - for the weekly tanning fanatics like me. Spray Tanning is now an incredibly affordable option. No more sticky feeling, not being able to cuddle your partner in bed, or waking up with your sheets covered! AND, no more uneven or green armpits (personal experience!)

How to book an appointment 

Whether you’re getting ready for a night on the town, heading to a special event or just want to make heads turn as you walk by, we provide a range of services to get you looking your best. Check out what we offer below.


WEDDING/BALL/PARTY: The most optimal time to tan is 1-2 days before your event. Most people think their tan looks the best on day 2. This is because the DHA has developed entirely and all the bronzer has been rinsed off. 

HOLIDAY: The most optimal time to tan is closest to your departure date. This will help your tan last as long as possible during your vacation. Check out our Post Tan after care instructions for how to optimise the longevity of your tan. 

TANNING CLUB: The most optimal time is whatever works best for you! If you are looking for a Tan that looks best in the weekend, then book on a Thursday/Friday night! If you're looking for a Tan that looks best during your work week, then try our Saturday/Sunday night options. 

Pre Tan

Follow our 4-step process at least 24 hours prior to your tan, to achieve the most flawless and smooth tan possible!

STEP 1: Step into a warm bath or shower and soak your skin for minimum 5 MINUTES. This will open up the skin follicles and ease the tan removal process. TOP TIP: Apply one of our lovely hair masks for an extra pamper session. 

STEP 2: Exfoliation. This is the key step for successful skin preparation. To achieve the smoothest skin possible, use your favourite exfoliating mits and a light soap, all over your body. Start with your arms, and move down to your lower body. It can be tricky to reach your back, but do as much as you can. Follow with your favourite body scrub or soap exfoliators. We love the Glow Lab Exfoliating Bar

STEP 3: Hair removal. This step is personal preference, but will make a huge difference in the success of your tan. Any waxing or shaving should be done at least 24 hours prior to your Tan. We recommend a 5 blade razor or waxing. This will help to remove excess dirt, old tan, dead skin cells, and soften the tougher patches around our ankles and knees. PRO TIP: Use a brand new sharp razor. This will not only help the tan look better, but should increase the time before your next shave. 

STEP 4: HYDRATE! Now that we have the most flawless base, apply any neutral moisturiser. You know your skin best! If you need a thicker one, do this further away from your appointment. If your skin only requires a thin moisturiser, this can be done closer to the appointment time. Stay away from any strong perfumes as this can create patches across your skin. 

Day of appointment

Please remove all makeup, deodorant, body oils, products and moisturisers from the skin. This is going to help the tan settle in to your skin as evenly as possible. 

Avoid excessively hot water on your body at least 1 day prior to your appointment. 

Once you arrive, your therapist will talk you through your skin type, and preferred level of tan. She will then select the most appropriate tan that we have to offer. We are not loyal to one brand of tan - just like MakeUp Artists won't use only one brand of makeup per client. Everyone has different skin textures, tones and under colours - that require a wide range of tan to suit everybody. We have a range of 2 hour or 8 hour tans - meaning it is possible to escape on your lunch break and be beautifully bronzed for your evening event. 

It is personal preference about the clothing worn during the tan. To achieve the best results, we recommend wearing one of our disposable G-Strings and no bra. If you are only having a 1/2 body tan, we still recommend the G-String to avoid any spray getting onto your clothes. 

At OHTOGLOW, we use a manual spray tanner - not an automatic machine. We have found this gives the most flawless tan and keeps our customers happy. The Spray Tanning Machine will gently apply a light mist of tan, giving a cool sensation to your skin. We have perfected our tanning method and do each part of the body separately. Tanning of the face is optional, but highly recommended. We find having a light tan on the face can even our skin tone and decrease the appearance of redness or acne. 

You can also add an extra layer to your tan (2 coats instead of 1). This is ideal for clients who are after a deeper look, someone with a thorough preparation and have a good natural exfoliation process. Adding another coat will increase the depth, but can make the fading process more visible. 

Please wear dark loose clothing - not your Gucci! Tight or restrictive clothing (including undergarments) may cause marks. Opt for a loose fitting shoe also. 

Post Tan 

Please wait the required time before you rinse off your tan. The first shower should be a light rinse, not a soapy scrub. Pat dry once out of the shower to avoid rubbing the tan. The second shower, feel free to use a light soap all over. Avoid shaving at this stage. 


MOISTURISE! The more moisture you feed into your skin, the slower your skin cells will shed = the better your tan will look. It will also increase the shine and GLOW that your tan has. TOP TIP: Consider using a gradual tanning moisturiser to top up as you go. 

Try not to shave for at least 4 days. After 5 days, exfoliate with a very soft body polish every day. This will allow your skin to absorb more moisture and aid the fading process. This should avoid any patchiness during the fading process. Avoid baths or swimming for prolonged periods of time. This can open the pores of your skin and increase the chemical exfoliation = tan fading faster. 

The Tan will only come off as your skin cells naturally start to shed. Our skin cells are constantly shedding, meaning your tan could last anywhere from 5-10 days. This is highly dependent on the Pre-Tan and Post-Tan care. The natural exfoliation time can look different on certain parts of your body,. For example, the tan may fade faster by your underarms, as you produce more sweat and your skin regenerates faster. This is why we opt for a light spray of tan in the underarms - to add coverage, but not extra layers increasing the patchiness and uneven fade. 

EXTRA TIP: Drink lots of water and eat hydrating foods - like WATERMELON YUM! This will help boost hydration and make you GLOW from the inside, out. 


So what is it that makes the difference between an at-home and in-salon Tan? Read below for the science behind Spray Tanning and how you will always achieve flawless results. 

DHA: The key ingredient in EVERY TAN.

Dihydroxyacetone is the key ingredient in EVERY TANNING PRODUCT. DHA is an active ingredient that forms a reaction with the amino acids in our skin to produce a dark pigment. Each Spray Tan has a different percentage of DHA, depending on the deepness of the tan. This reaction will slowly start to produce a brown colour on your skin, for up to 24 hours. The reaction continues even after the bronzer has been rinsed off. 


DHA is colourless when first applied. This is why a BRONZER or guide is added, so we can see where we have or haven't sprayed yet. The colour of this bronzer has no correlation to the colour of your tan. A lot of tanning companies will market their product to be violet based or green based - this is only the colour of the guide. The DHA is all the same. What does make the difference however, is the quality of the DHA, and the formulation to provide the best reaction with the amino acids in our skin.